Trump Goes On Tuesday Morning Tweet-Fest That Has Top Officials Squirming


Donald Trump’s ego is so large that he believes he can fix everything from special elections to Iran sanctions. He imposes himself on weddings at his various resorts, inserting himself right next to the bride. He has started doing that at campaign rallies across the country, too. The problem is — do the candidates want him there?

The president does the same thing with the world’s dictators. Just stick him in a room alone with one for a couple of hours, and he would make the best deal ever – except he does not. After Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal, he began his stick-and-carrot dictator-like campaign against Iranians.


In an early morning tweet, Trump tried to rally his ever-declining followers to vote for Troy Balderson. POTUS called the candidate a potentially “great Congressman.”

Unfortunately, the Ohio voters in that swing district included a lot of suburban women who have become fed up with how the Donald has treated women, among other issues. Trump’s rally for the hard right voters will have the opposite effect from what Balderson wanted.

The candidate would have a far better chance, if the president just stayed home. Of course, the news has been bad for the former leader of the free world, which tends to draw him toward the rally circuit.

Trump said that he planned to go out six or seven days a week to campaign – even if the candidates did not want him. The commander-in-chief feeds upon the energy of the crowd.

Then, the man sitting in the Oval Office tweeted how he cast the “most biting” sanctions on Iran ever. Then, he forbade any country doing business with Iran to do business in these United States. Finally, Trump said this would bring “WORLD PEACE.”

The president must not have gotten enough sleep because he imposed a snarling edict with his early morning tweet. Then, in the same tweet, he said he was just asking for world peace. The two do not really go together.

His plan in North Korea amounted to a photo-op, giving up the U.S. war maneuvers nearby (Russia’s President Vladimir Putin suggestion), and giving Kim Jong Un what he had always wanted – world recognition. Unfortunately, the great deal maker got taken, and there has been nothing to indicate he would do any better in that volatile region called Iran.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.