Ballots Tallied; GOP Gets Ass Handed To Them In Missouri & Bernie Sanders Is Cheering


It’s isn’t just Trump backers and sycophants running against a blue wave in the lead-up to the November primaries, it’s Trump and Republican policies, as well. The GOP may claim to be the voice of the middle class and working Americans, but their anti-union policies say very much otherwise.

While all eyes were on the special election in Ohio and primaries in states like Kansas on Tuesday night, an election in Missouri served up a defeat to the GOP and their “right to work” laws. The anti-union efforts in Missouri, which sought to curb the power of labor unions and the right of workers to collectively bargain, were struck down by a 67 percent vote.

Janelle Jones, who The Washington Post describes as “an analyst at the Economic Policy Institute, a left-leaning think tank,” told interviewers that:

‘We are seeing an attack on unions being sustained all over the place — the courts, private employers, the administration. This vote could represent the pendulum swinging back to workers and away from corporate interests.’

Although state Republicans in Missouri passed legislation to implement right to work policies in 2017, a referendum signed by more than 300,000 voters allowed the legislation to be voted on during Tuesday’s elections. That law was struck down decisively.

Analysts also say this is the first of many wins for workers in upcoming elections in resistance to Trump and the GOP policies.

‘Missouri is not the first state President Trump won by a large margin to show signs of a resurgent labor movement. Teachers frustrated with low pay and reduced benefits have held protests with thousands of people this year in Arizona, Oklahoma and West Virginia, among other traditionally conservative states, and dozens of teachers tied to their unions are now running for state offices.’

A blue wave in November is looking more and more possible, which can only work in the favor of the labor movement and working-class Americans.

‘Democrats have a chance of winning control of Congress in the November midterm election, and that could put some of labor’s top national priorities back on the agenda, including minimum-wage increases and paid sick leave. Labor organizers are also pondering how to undo right-to-work laws in some Midwestern states, although they first need Democrats to win back those statehouses.’

With Trump at the helm, workers needed a win.

Featured image via Twitter by @ironstache