GOP Caught Using Dead Man’s Signature & A Big Investigation Is Coming


It’s been said time and time again…and even proven…that the only way most Republicans can win an election is by cheating. The only reason they hold the majority in congress is because they’ve gerrymandered districts all over the country, disenfranchising millions of voters. Well, they got caught cheating again today, after Democrats pored over the petitions GOP staffers gathered in an election in Virginia, and discovered a dead man’s name and someone who hasn’t lived in Virginia since 2014.

Representative Scott Taylor (R-VA) wants to try to stack the deck in his favor this fall in the race for the second district representative position. In order to do that, he loaned out four of his staffers to go out and gather the signatures needed to get independent Shaun Brown added to the ticket. He figures any votes for Brown, who is reportedly on trial for fraud right now, would be siphoned away from his Democratic opponent, Elaine Luria.

Well, it seems Taylor’s staffers used a trick that Republicans always accuse Democrats of doing…they fraudulently used at least one dead man’s signature, and a woman who’s lived in Nevada since 2014. The dead man’s widow, Elizabeth Cake, who’s a Democrat by the way, told the Richmond Times-Dispatch that the signature looked nothing like her late husband’s and,

‘there’s no way that could have been signed by him at any time.’

The other fraudulent signature they found was that of Eileen Eady, and she told the Times-Dispatch

‘I definitely didn’t sign anything and I definitely didn’t give permission for anybody to sign anything. I was shocked because not only do I no longer live in Virginia Beach, but I’ve been voting here in Nevada since 2014. I’ve voted in three elections here.’

After GOP staffers got caught adding fraudulent names to the petitions, Taylor’s spokesman told WHRO radio that they thought Brown hadn’t been treated fairly during the 2016 election, “so some of the staffers volunteered to fix the injustice.”

Virginia Beach Commonwealth’s Attorney Colin Stolle told the Times-Dispatch they are aware of the discrepancies in the petition.

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