Trump Jr Snaps & Announces Insane Conspiracy To America – Uses Shady Photo As Proof


Those poor Trumps sure are having a hard time. The disgraced president and his greasy-haired son are both in jeopardy of serving prison time, and we the people will be glad when they get there. Both of them play the victim card like professionals. Today Don Jr. hit Twitter for a little crying session and the Twitterverse blasted him for it.

While he’s having us notice things, something quite noticeable is that Donny refused to capitalize the word Democratic, but he didn’t have the same problem with GOP. Something else noticeable is that Don should have just clicked that little button that says “view all” and he probably would have found the information he was looking for. Plus, what’s up with that huge greyed out, possibly doctored, space below Danny O’Conner’s post? Was Don hiding something from everyone who read his post? It sure seems that way.

No matter what’s wrong with Donny’s tweet it became apparent very quickly that he again made himself look like a petulant child. He and his dad are the two biggest crybabies in Washington’s history. They see conspiracy theories everywhere they look. The ironic thing though is that they’re the ones who start most of the outlandish conspiracy theories we have to deal with every day.

Check out these funny Twitter responses to Don Jr.’s post.



Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube