Donald Jr. Posts Photoshopped Trump Approval Ratings Image & Gets Destroyed Instantly


Truth will never stop the Trumps from claiming whatever they like, it seems. In the face of a mounting total of thousands and thousands of lies from his father, U.S. President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. offered one of his own Wednesday. He posted an image of a newscast to Instagram that seemed to show his dad maintaining a higher approval rating than Barack Obama did at this point in his tenure.

The problem is, the image had been altered. Although it’s not clear who did the editing, someone turned a 40 percent approval rating into a 50 percent one.

Check out the faked image below. Trump Jr. captioned it by writing:

‘Amazing. I guess there is a magic wand to make things happen and [Donald Trump] seems to have it.’

Again, it remains unclear where Trump Jr. got the image, but it’s falsified.

At present, Gallup has Trump with a 41 percent approval rating, which is below the approval rating Obama left office with and had at the corresponding point of his own tenure, although not by a huge margin. In a period including early August of his second year, Obama had an approval rating as measured by Gallup of 43 percent. He hit 50 percent in late January of the following year — a level Trump hasn’t achieved yet.

Trump’s approval rating is at about the same level as Obama’s was according to data maintained by the right leaning Rasmussen Reports, too. At present, they’ve got him with a 47 percent approval rating, and in early August of his second year in office, they had Obama around 44-48 percent depending on the day.

That’s not stopping the Trumps from claiming to be leagues ahead of Obama, though.

Just the other day on Twitter, Donald himself wrote:

‘Presidential Approval numbers are very good – strong economy, military and just about everything else. Better numbers than Obama at this point, by far.’

In similar fashion, he’s claimed at rallies to be more popular than Abraham Lincoln, according to polling — despite the fact that presidential approval polling wasn’t even around when Lincoln was alive. It wasn’t even invented until decades later.

In other words, Trump Jr. is taking after his father in just making something up to make his dad’s approval rating look good.

The Washington Post just recently reported the president to have passed 4,000 recorded lies while in office, with the rate at which he’s uttered those lies increasing recently. In June and July of this year, Trump averaged 16 false claims a day, whereas during his first 100 days in office, his average as recorded by The Post was “only” 4.9 a day.

The Post adds that the president has repeated at least 150 false or misleading claims at least three times. Trump likes to call out the mainstream media for supposedly peddling fake news and pounce on any little error the media makes, but it’s not The Washington Post with well over 4,000 recorded lies in a not even two year period.

Check out Twitter’s response to Trump Jr. taking after his father’s habitual lying below.

Featured Image via YouTube screenshot