Racist Cop Harasses Group Of Black Men & Gets The Ultimate Dose Of Karma (VIDEO)


Racism remains alive and well in the United States. When going into certain situations — especially those involving police officers — black people in the U.S. continue to face heightened levels of scrutiny that sometimes culminate in their deaths.

Last month in England, Arkansas, Officer Mike Moore trailed two black locals through the town as they worked on shooting a music video. The two individuals, Demarcus Bunch and his cousin Shannon Scribner, eventually confronted Moore and asked what was up. The ensuing conversation, combined with his other behavior, ended up costing Moore his job.

After the two of them asked the officer why he was following them through multiple stops, Moore explained:

‘You know why? Because you don’t belong in my city… You understand, I know who my people are, right, who belongs here and who doesn’t? We’ve got gang wars going on, we’ve got all kinds of stuff. I come from the big city where this stuff is small, okay? So, that’s cool. Do your thing.’

Watch below.

After Bunch pressed him further, Moore threatened to get his police dog out — which he did, actually. He stood outside his car for a few minutes with his dog eyeing the two before eventually leaving.

More than two weeks following an initial complaint with the England Police Department, the two men decided to release the video of their conversation with Officer Moore to the public via Facebook. He’d been fired from his previous job with the Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office, which Sheriff John Staley chalked up to a “personality issue” on Moore’s part.

He’s now been fired from the England Police Department as well, England Police Chief Danna Powell confirmed.

In other words, targeting minority individuals who are doing absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever doesn’t pay.

Featured Image via YouTube screenshot