Trump Delivers Thursday Night Twitter Quote From Fake News Site & Gets Creamed


It’s very apparent that Donald Trump can’t handle the pressure of running a government while he’s being investigated for his alleged crimes. His paranoid and delusional tweets are testament to that fact. Every time he feels Mueller closing in, Trump takes to Twitter in an attempt to make himself feel better. That’s what he did today when he quoted disparaging remarks about one of our premier intelligence agencies who have been investigating him for quite some time.

Jenna Ellis is a contributor to the far right-wing Washington Examiner’s Beltway Confidential blog and director of the James Dobson Family Institute. Most of the articles she writes are all about how the Democrats are evil, corrupt, and refuse to follow the law. The institute she’s in charge of believes that we should all be following the laws of the bible, so it wouldn’t be surprising if she was against civil rights for gay people too.

Trump sure picked a real winner to quote today. Ellis is one of the people who would be chanting “lock her up, lock her up” at one of Trump’s rallies. In her mind she thinks Trump never should have been investigated, even though he had a significant number of people on his campaign with very close ties to Russia.

There was no bias where the FBI was concerned…they had information that Trump’s campaign was tangled up with a hostile foreign power and they investigated it. They also proved that Trump’s campaign was allegedly breaking the law. No one should be listening to a conspiracy theorist like Jenna Ellis. She’d be happy to put a stop to the Russia investigation and let Trump get away with treason just because he’s a Republican. If he had been a Democrat in the same position she’d be screaming from the rooftop that we should “lock him up…lock him up”.

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