Trump Has Mega Mueller Meltdown On Twitter After Thursday AM Court Revelations


Donald Trump does magic Twitter tricks. Unfortunately, he has not been very good at doing them. Basically, it works like this. He points at something really bad but says it was just an illusion. Then, quick! Look over here at this shiny object. These are Trump’s latest tweet attempts at magic, and his poor wannabe Houdini act.

Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s attack on the presidential election and the Trump campaign’s conspiracy with Russia looked even worse in the past few days. His former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, came out poorly during his trial. That sent POTUS into his Twitter magic act.

First, the illusion. He told the American people that Special Counsel Mueller was framing him (witch hunt). Then, the president diverted the blame elsewhere (Hillary Clinton, Democrats). He undermined the country’s finest law enforcement (FBI). Then, he worked to transform the special counsel’s team into a group of militant Democrats (17 angry Dems.)

For his magic act finale, the commander-in-chief pulled out his latest shiny object – the space force (echo, echo, echo) in space (echo, echo, echo). Of course, the president cannot actually create another branch of the government. That would be Congress’ job if they so chose, and so far, they have not.

Actually, Donald Trump’s Houdini has been rather successful with his base. They have been taken in by the many illusions he has cast over them, turning them into a zombie squad of media haters.

His supporters have been taken in by every one of his 16 lies per day on average. Then, as the president ginned them up at rallies, they jump out of their chairs, angrily shout at, and then threaten CNN’s Jim Acosta and other members of the press.

Thus far, there has been no physical violence, but that has only been due to dumb luck. The threatening tweets have been horrendous, and the secret service has had to protect the media at times.

Yet, Trump has not fooled the rest of America with his sad attempts at magical illusions. Plus, every day another one of his base wakes up and drops away from the fold.

Twitter world lit up after Trump’s tweets. Here are some of our favorites below:


Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.