Trump Tweets Pathetic Thursday Morning Attempt To Gain Followers & Gets Mocked Hard


Donald Trump is a sociopath. That is evident in his complete and utter lack of regard for anyone but himself. He abuses hundreds from his public platform, attacking anyone who dare question the method to his madness. The problem is, though, that there is no method. Just madness.

Trump’s unconscionable tweets are the results of an angry, bitter old man who never felt like he was good enough. After countless successes in life, Donald was always met with massive failure that he would eventually weasel his way out of by any means necessary. The four-times bankrupt president is the most irresponsible handler of finances America has ever seen, and you can bet that if he will lose his own money four times, he won’t think twice about wasting yours.

One such tweet displaying Trump’s desperation to be seen in a better light came Thursday morning by way of a quote posted by the POTUS. The quote came from Graham Ledger, host of The Daily Ledger:

It’s sad the lengths he will go to, and he has zero shame. Can you imagine young Donald on the school yard? That kid who hates everyone while going around saying and doing ridiculous things to get those same kids to think he’s cool enough to play with. Unfortunately for Donald, that never happened, hence his closest relationships being with whoever says something nice about him that week.

He has no lifelong friends, his ex wives aren’t fond of him, one even accused him of rape, and his children are the phoniest batch of manhattan trailer park rejects ever seen.

But he does have Twitter followers who love to put him in his place. Check out the responses to his tweet below: