Former Trump Employee Reveals Existence Of Wild Donald/Racist N-Word Rant Video


Not many outside of U.S. President Donald Trump’s circle and base would be willing to assert that he’s overly fond of minorities. At times, he spews openly racist sentiments, claiming, for instance, that immigration  poses a “threat” to Europe. Former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault-Newman claims, a new report from Newsweek shares, that there’s more — a lot more — where that came from.

According to Omarosa, the man who is now president used racial slurs “multiple times” while on the set of his old reality show The Apprentice. (Omarosa herself is a past participant on that show.) She claims, according to sources, that there are tapes featuring him making such remarks, which included the N-word.

Just recently, reports circulated that Omarosa had secretly taped the president while she was in the White House, but those tapes — at least according to one account — feature mostly mundane conversations. She has not said, according to sources speaking to Newsweek, whether or not she ever heard Trump use the N-word herself.

She does say, though, that she heard the president make an array of racist, insensitive remarks. For instance, in her new memoir covering her time in the White House called Unhinged, she claims to have heard the president refer to George Conway — husband of Trump campaign manager turned adviser Kellyanne — a “fucking flip” and a “goo-goo.” George Conway is half Filipino, and both of those terms are racial slurs.

George Conway, although reportedly considered for a job in the Trump Justice Department, often counters the president’s policy direction on Twitter.

Perhaps Kellyanne has heard some of the president’s behind the scenes ranting and that’s why in the past she’s freaked out when asked about her husband while making a cable news appearance.

No matter how many lies he tells and how far “off the edge” he seems to go, Trump can’t be claimed innocent here. He knows what he’s doing — or in this case, saying. It’s not just a coincidence that he uses derogatory terms that double as racial slurs over and over and over again. Other notable, similar incidents include his denunciation of “Sleepy Eyes” Chuck Todd, who hosts Meet the Press on MSNBC. “Sleepy eyes” is a term used throughout history against Jewish people, and Todd is Jewish.

Another infamous incident involved accusations that behind the scenes, Trump had referred to nations including some in Africa as “shithole countries” — accusations that Omarosa backed up.

Omarosa has claimed in the past that assertions like hers that Trump did use the n-word were forthcoming.

Concurrent to her original departure from the White House, she shared on Good Morning America:

‘I have seen things that have made me uncomfortable, that have upset me, that have affected me deeply and emotionally, that have affected my community and my people, and when I can tell my story, it is a profound story, that I know the world will want to hear.’

Her new book, called Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House, will be officially available to the public August 14 via Simon & Schuster.

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