Trump Goes On Psychotic Friday Night Twitter Rant About Everything Like A Loose Cannon


Donald Trump is not exactly known for his mental stability, and proof of that can be seen every time he calls himself a “very stable genius.” Nothing about his personality shouts secure, wise, or in control and yet, to his supporters, he is the be-all and end-all of information. Trump is well aware of this ridiculousness, and therefore uses his Twitter page with such recklessness that literal fake news is taking over the nation.

Exhibit A: Trump’s Friday night tweets. Check out the weird rant the commander in chief just went on:

It doesn’t get much worse. The president has resorted to becoming that awkward uncle at family barbecues who tries his damndest at being clever, but fails miserably, completely embarrassing himself. You know, like Mike Huckabee every single day on Twitter. And, it does get worse. The president continued:

It’s highly unlikely that President Macron of France would agree with Trump’s version of events. If he were unfortunate enough to be standing next to Trump, this would be the time when Macron stands awkwardly with a goofy grin on his face.

PS: Emmanuel Macron is a bad actor.

And the president isn’t quite done yet, either..

This tweet is in a class all its own. Why is he suddenly talking about Kanye West? Is it because West was on Kimmel recently, and made a complete ass of himself when asked if he thought Donald Trump cared about black people?

The fourth tweet has nothing to do with Kanye, and came just minutes after the third:

So, in short, He’s still bullying Canada and other nations into giving us their products at much cheaper prices, and pretending to be liked in Mexico. Just SAD!

The reactions online to this ridiculous rant were too hilarious to pass up. We saved the best ones for you below: