Dan Rather’s Racy Response To Trump’s Ridiculous ‘Space Force’ Just Went Viral In Seconds


Trump just seems to get more ridiculous the longer he’s in office. He used to preach about fiscal responsibility, but it’s apparent that he doesn’t mind blowing taxpayer money left and right on his idiotic plans. Take his newly thought-of Space Force, for example.

On Thursday, Trump had Mike Pence announce the creation of the Space Force, and people are laughing hilariously about it…even renowned journalist Dan Rather got in on the fun.

So what caused Rather to jump in the fray? It was Mike Pence’s announcement that Trump was creating a sixth branch of the military called the United States Space Force. In his overly paranoid speech, Pence called space a new battlefield where our enemies seek to disrupt our space-based systems and challenge our supremacy. It looks like the Trump administration is laying claim to all of space now because we’re more supreme than anyone else. Since Trump’s all about cozying up and trusting our enemies, why doesn’t he just “make friends” with all of them, then we wouldn’t have to waste billions of dollars acting adversarial?

If Trump wanted to spend billions of dollars in space, he should have spent it on some sort of system that would get rid of a lot of the very dangerous space trash that’s orbiting our planet. Old useless satellites, and spent rocket parts are all floating around out there and they’re causing a lot of problems. They’re crashing into other satellites and destroying them, and even taking out very useful GPS systems. Why wouldn’t Trump want to do something that actually helps our planet, instead of sending his Space Force up there to create even more problems?

The world of Twitter sure got a good laugh at Trump’s expense.

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube