Trump’s Intense Mueller Probe Paranoia Revealed During Not-So-Private Golf Game


Donald Trump is less than intelligent, and this can be seen in his daily actions. His mental competency has been called into question multiple times, with even experts weighing in on his very odd behavior. One issue in particular is Trump’s obsessiveness. Every tweet is dripping with it. Desperation also makes up about 30% of Trump’s personality.

Now, one of his fellow Republicans has revealed that Robert Mueller is at the forefront of The Donald’s thoughts at all times. Graham claimed he said this to the president after Trump mentioned Mueller’s investigation “about 20 times:”

“I want to win in November. If we stop the Mueller probe tomorrow, you wouldn’t be able to talk about anything else,” Graham said, as first reported by Roll Call. “I told the president this: I promise you, you’ll be treated fairly. I promise you that the people who put the [Hillary] Clinton investigation in the tank, they’re going to have their day, too.”

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Screenshot via Roll Call

Graham continued, touching on whether or not he believed the Russia probe to be a “with hunt” as the president often claims:

“He is following the evidence where it takes him, and I think it’s very important that he be allowed to do his job without interference, and there are many Republicans who share my view.”

“So, I’m going to let Mueller do his job and we’ll see what he finds, but Mueller’s not in charge of looking at the [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] FISA warrant application, he’s not in charge of overseeing the FBI. What they did during the 2016 election on behalf of Clinton appalls me.”