Kellyanne Conway Goes On Sunday TV & Regrets Doing So In 7 Crazy Seconds (VIDEO)


It was only a matter of time before Kellyanne Conway’s fallback media tactics became transparent to even the most casual of observers, but she got caught relying on them during an interview with Jon Karl on ABC’s This Week and made Trump look even worse than he already has for the past year.

When Karl asked Conway a simple question that she was utterly unable to spin into an acceptable answer, she resorted to her well-known and highly recognizable method of conflating the point, playing the victim, and constructing a non-answer. The answer to this particular question, however, has no possible spin.

Karl asked:

‘Omarosa was the most prominent, high level African-American serving in the West Wing on President Trump’s staff,” Karl said. “Who now is that person? Who is the most prominent, high level adviser to the president on the West Wing staff right now?’

Since the question has only one possible answer – there is none – Conway flubbed through a few possible non-committal spins. Her first fallback was how unfair the media covers Trump’s administration.

‘I would say that — well first of all you’re totally not covering that fact that our Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and world-renowned brain surgeon.’

Karl pressed on, clarifying that he was asking which West Wing staff the president works with every day who can represent the needs of the black community. Conway had no answer, so she deflected with more “the media is unfair” attempts by talking about how not enough coverage was given to Mike Pence’s receipt of the remains of American soldiers from North Korea and how low the black unemployment rate is, although Karl had literally discussed the low black unemployment rate just moments before her interview.

She did eventually dredge up the name of one black staffer, Ja’Ron Smith. He has no office in the West Wing and is not an adviser to the president.

Once upon a time, the GOP styled itself the new Tea Party, fighting for “no taxation without representation,” although they somehow turned that into some argument against billionaires paying taxes at all. Now, however, 13 percent of the population, who happens to also be the most vulnerable population in the country, has no representation in the White House.

Meanwhile, the president’s most recognizable adviser cannot even answer questions as to why that might be.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube