BREAKING: Trump Finally Gets His Vengeful Way With FBI Agent Who Sent Texts About Him


Many have at this point observed how the Trump administration acts as though it has something serious to hide in the Russia scandal. That behavior includes repeated presidential attacks on FBI agent Peter Strzok, who worked on both the Russia and Hillary Clinton email investigations — and who has now been fired from the FBI. While he’s ended up job-less this week, the man at the center of one side of the Russia investigation, Donald Trump, remains in the White House.

The Department of Justice has, over a period of months, gradually moved towards pushing out Strzok. The agency’s inspector general first looked into the agent as part of their internal probe of the handling of the Clinton email investigation. During that inquiry, anti-Trump text conversations between Strzok and his at the time fellow FBI employee Lisa Page were discovered. In the wake of that discovery, he was removed from Special Counsel for the Russia investigation Robert Mueller’s team, where he had been working, and reassigned to the FBI’s human resources division.

It was a dramatic fall for an agent who had risen through the ranks of the FBI over the course of twenty-some years to become one of the most senior counterintelligence specialists at the agency. The fall, though, wasn’t over — Trump helped make sure of that. The president has endlessly lambasted the now former agent on Twitter. Among dozens of other wild jabs, he called Strzok the FBI’s “sick loser” on June 17 of this year, and maintains that anti-Trump bias on his part drove the initial opening of the Russia investigation.

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The Justice Department’s inspector general is currently looking into those allegations. For the record, the current inspector general overseeing the Justice Department is Michael Horowitz, who assumed his position under Barack Obama, not Trump.

While his answers about Strzok’s conduct in regards to the Russia investigation remain forthcoming, Strzok has already faced allegations of wrongdoing stemming from Horowitz’s work. He faulted the now fired agent for the aforementioned anti-Trump texts, calling them “not only indicative of a biased state of mind” but also implying a “willingness to take official action to impact [Donald Trump’s] electoral prospects.”

Strzok has fiercely countered that conclusion, asserting that his casual private texts about “stopping” Trump from becoming president simply referred to his hope in the electoral process to keep such a man from the Oval Office.

Besides that issue, Horowitz also faults Strzok for ignoring developments in the Clinton email investigation in what may have, according to the IG report, been indicative of pro-Clinton bias. Emails relevant to the inquiry were discovered on disgraced politician Anthony Weiner’s laptop, but they weren’t examined for a significant enough period of time to cause concern. Once they were examined, Clinton was cleared again, but not before the damage of then-FBI Director James Comey’s announcement that the inquiry has been “re-opened.”

Strzok is not the first top FBI official to lose his job over the Department of Justice’s fury recently. The now former deputy director Andrew McCabe did too. Meanwhile, Trump continues his attacks on the agency, and it remains to be seen who may be pushed out next.

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