Omarosa Goes On ‘Today’ Show & Throws Multiple On-Air Tantrums Like A Show-Pony


You’d think that if someone put themselves out there as Omarosa Manigault-Newman has via her new book Unhinged that they’d be able to take some tough questions. Omarosa, though, has proven that such isn’t the case.

This Monday, she appeared on the Today show, where host Savannah Guthrie questioned her about issues surrounding her new book. Omarosa seemed determined to maintain control of the conversation, cutting Guthrie off multiple times when the journalist tried to keep it moving before eventually abandoning the interview.

At one point, Guthrie asked why Omarosa went to work for Donald Trump at all if she knew him to be a liar. She worked as a communications staffer in the White House until Chief of Staff John Kelly fired her late last year.

Omarosa didn’t really want to answer the question, at least not right away.

With a smile revealing an attempt at arrogance that was completely out of place, considering it wasn’t her show, she said:

‘Savannah, slow down. I’m going to answer your question. I’m here. I’ve got all the time you need. You don’t have to ask ten questions in one second. It’s okay.’

What, is Omarosa in fifth grade or something? Her attempt at seeming like the calm, collected, and in control one is shredded by her resorting to describing Guthrie following one question up with a follow-up as asking “ten questions in one second.”

She wasn’t through. She did eventually get around to answering Guthrie’s question about why she worked for Trump, saying:

‘I never expected him to lie to the country. I expected him to take his oath of office seriously.’

She went on to continue burying her legitimate points under condescension, admonishing Guthrie to “calm down” when the journalist presumably went to ask another question.

Omarosa shared how she felt threatened by the manner in which Kelly fired her. For some reason, he decided to bring her to the White House Situation Room to deliver the news of her firing, and Omarosa claims that she ended up locked in the room at one point with a number of other male staffers in a case of “false imprisonment.”

She recorded the conversation in which Kelly fired her, earning intense scrutiny because of her breach of the Situation Room’s security.

That’s another point on which she attempted to deflect Guthrie’s questioning Monday, claiming that she’s being “very clear here” despite not answering the question of how she did it.

After some more combative behavior, Omarosa confronted Guthrie again.

She said:

‘I know that you want to go with more time… You know that it’s a seven minute interview, and now we’re at ten.’

Watch below.

CNN’s Brian Stelter called the whole ordeal “ridiculous.” Journalist Poppy Harlow added that Guthrie asked “all the relevant questions this morning” and she was “stunned to hear Omarosa tell her to calm down.”

At the beginning of her Monday appearance on the Today show, the network aired a tape she made of a conversation she had with Donald Trump himself after her firing late last year. On the tape, Trump claims to have been caught by surprise by the news of her departure.

How much of an effect any of this will actually have on his White House remains to be seen.

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