BREAKING: Terror Attack On Govt. Building Hits Multiple Victims (DETAILS)


Early Tuesday morning, a deranged person drove a vehicle into a crowd of people outside London’s Parliament. Accordong to Wall Street Journal, “A car crashed into barriers outside the U.K. Houses of Parliament on Tuesday morning in a suspected terrorist attack, injuring several people just yards away from the site of an attack last year.”

“Police said the driver, in his late 20s, was detained at the scene and later arrested on suspicion of terrorist offenses. The man isn’t cooperating with police and hasn’t been formally identified, police said.”

The report continues:

“A woman and two men were treated for their injuries following the incident, the police said. The woman remains in the hospital but her injuries don’t appear to be life-threatening.”

“If confirmed as terrorism-related, the attack would be one that lacks the sophistication and planning that marked last year’s deadly attacksin the British capital, where vehicles and bladed weapons were used.”

The head of the London police counterterrorism unit says that, “It certainly appears this was a deliberate act but what the motivation is we can’t say.”

WSJ reports:

“Television footage of the path of the vehicle and eyewitness accounts suggested it could have injured more people. The area is normally much more crowded later in the day, and parliament is in summer recess, meaning prominent politicians are less likely to be in the neighborhood. The driver didn’t appear to have been known to security services or counterterrorism police before the incident, Mr. Basu said.”

The terrorist apparently worked alone, as no accomplices have been found so far. According to footage recorded of the incident, “Television footage from the scene showed a silver Ford Fiesta surrounded by armed police officers and fire engines outside the parliamentary buildings, the seat of the British government. Footage also showed a cyclist lying on the ground near where the car came to a halt, and what appeared to be policeman jumping out of the way before it hit the barriers.”

Teresa May issued a public statement for all the victims of this heinous attempt:

According to witness Jason Williams, “he saw a man driving a car “straight through Parliament hitting the bollards and barriers.” Specialist police arrived in 10 minutes with rifles, Mr. Williams added. “They arrested a man. There were cyclists injured; they were on the ground. A bus driver named Victor who was driving nearby told Sky News he saw “a lot of smoke started coming out of the car” before he heard sirens as police arrived at the scene.”

According to that bus driver:

“I think it’s not regular road traffic because there’s a barrier there, so why would you be driving there?”