Roger Stone Posts Image Of Him & Trump Wearing Swastikas – Immediately Deletes It


In the middle of every other currently unfolding crisis, the Trump administration decided that the United States needs a Space Force. The proposed sixth branch of the military would cover, as its name suggests, space, and has gradually been drawing in figures like Defense Secretary James Mattis. Although the idea has attracted rounds and rounds of ridicule since its unveiling, it’s got one supporter — Roger Stone.

The longtime right wing strategist posted an image to Instagram this week that imagines the president, Stone himself and others, as part of a space force crew. The image, though, was meant to mock the idea, and in that light, there are swastikas on the suits the faked crew is wearing. There’s a swastika in the corner of the image, too, as if it’s the “mission’s” logo.

Stone didn’t care. He captioned the image:

‘I love this — proud to be in this crew — but the only lies being told are by liberal scumbags.’

Check it out below. He eventually removed the image from his public profile.

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In addition to Stone and Trump, the “crew” includes press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Vice President Mike Pence, Fox host Sean Hannity, presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani, and embattled House Intel Committee chair Devin Nunes (R-CA).

Beneath the crew, a message is included in the image that reads:

‘In space no one can hear you lie.’

Stone provided no immediate citation for what liberal lies he’s talking about, instead just proving himself to be so off the edge that one of the endless politically charged fleeting web content creations got under his skin. How lost in something other than reality do you have to be to think that posting an image with swastikas in it is a good idea? What level of gripping paranoia is required to push a person to ignore the implications of that? Does he even care what kind of effects his actions have on the face of the administration he’s associated with?

He hasn’t formally worked for Trump for some time, having left the Trump campaign all the way back in August 2015. He stayed in the eventual president’s orbit, though. He helped push the “Trump Ballot Security Project” during the 2016 GOP presidential primary, which consisted of Trump supporters intending to monitor polling places for non-existent fraud. The efforts were repeated during the 2016 general election, at Trump’s direct urging.

Stone also waged a personal war for Trump, pushing items like the emails that Russian hackers stole from Democrats — which has earned him scrutiny from Special Counsel for the Russia investigation Robert Mueller. He hasn’t testified — yet — but a number of his associates have been targeted. Those include driver John Kakanis, social media consultant Jason Sullivan, former pimp Kristin Davis, and political satirist Randy Credico. Stone at one point claimed that Credico was an intermediary between himself and Wikileaks, which helped distribute the stolen Democratic emails.

Stone claims he’s innocent, but time will tell if that assertion is accurate. In the meantime, Trump World continues to push their pipe dreams ranging from the Space Force project to Stone’s continued trivial babbling on the internet.

Featured Image via YouTube screenshot