Trump Tweets Video Of Omarosa During Petty Thursday Night Social Media Meltdown


There’s one thing about most of the people Donald Trump surrounds himself with…they have no problem lying to the American people just to stay in his good graces. Sean Spicer did it all the time, John Kelly does it, Mitch McConnell does it, Sarah Huckabee Sanders does it more than anyone ever, and so did Omarosa Manigault Newman. These people have no scruples whatsoever. Now Trump is so desperate to cut down Omarosa because she’s making his dirt public that he’s spending his time digging up old footage of her saying nice things about him.

Trump should know that the intelligent people in this country won’t be swayed by his attempt to pull the wool over our eyes. We all know the people who draw paychecks from Trump don’t have any problems lying for him. People have done it for decades. They’re all too happy to make a clown look like a saint, as long as they’re being paid for it.

Trump disparages anyone who finds their morals and starts telling the truth about him, and his latest victim is Omarosa. He’s mad because she’s now going on the 24 hour news stations and playing tapes that she secretly recording during her time in the White House. He’s also steamed about the new book she wrote called Unhinged in which she attacks his mental capacity to do his job as president.

It’s too bad that Omarosa spent the last 20 years defending Trump. She’s spent all that time trying to make us believe that Trump was one of the greatest men of all time, that he’ll have no trouble whatsoever coming up with hours of video where she’s praising him. The Trump administration is the gift of incompetence that keeps on giving. The war between Omarosa and Trump will be fun to watch play out.

The Twitterverse sure is having fun with it.

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube