BREAKING: Massive Government Bill For Trump Jr.’s Business Trips Overseas Revealed


The Trumps, even while Donald sits in the White House and serves as president of the United States, have a global business empire. They’re profiting off that empire at the continued expense of the government, a new report from The Washington Post makes clear.

Donald Trump Jr. has himself personally gone overseas on business trips since his dad has been in office, and he’s taken his Secret Service protection with him. That’s not free. The Post shares in a new report that the government — aka taxpayers — dished out tens of thousands of dollars to cover his high-profile business trip to India earlier this year.

$18,667 went towards Trump Jr.’s visit to Mumbai, the publication shares, and $13,468 covered his visit to Pune. There’s another associated charge to taxpayers of $9,880 for a “VIP visit” to Kolkata, but the U.S. Consulate there declined to provide information about who that VIP was. Trump Jr. did visit the city, though, as part of his tour of India earlier this year, and in that context, the consulate has previously shared a statement:

‘Trump Corporation is a commercial enterprise and has no connection with the U.S. government. U.S. consulate Kolkata has no information or comment on this personal visit.’

Trump Jr. was there to meet with buyers of Trump real estate projects in the places he visited, which included, besides the three already mentioned, the New Delhi area. The Times of India shares that Donald Trump himself was originally slated to attend the Indian project launch festivities — but then he was elected president. The elder Trump, though, does maintain a financial stake in the enterprise; attracting significant scrutiny, he simply passed off executive control of the family business to Donald Jr. and Eric once he was elected president.

There have already been more specific ethics concerns surrounding the Trump branded projects in India. Developers working on the project in the New Dehli area promised at one point that the first 100 condo buyers would get to meet with Donald Trump Jr. himself in the United States. That set-up offered any foreign interest the chance to literally buy time — and possible favor — with one of the Trumps. Although Donald Trump Jr. has no official role in government, as his sister Ivanka does, he’s still the president’s son.

He asserted when in India earlier this year that he was there simply as a businessman and not as a representative of anyone else — meaning the president — but the association he has with the president can’t be erased.

The Post shares that besides the costs associated with his trip to India — the full picture of which is still forming — the government also spent over $200,000 on a trip Donald Jr. and Eric took to the United Arab Emirates last year for the opening of a new Trump golf course.

The pieces combine to paint a picture of a family trying to get as much out of the presidency as they can. The law keeps catching up with them and their associates, though. Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort’s ongoing criminal case keeps hanging heavy over the Trump family.

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