Court Filings Attained By CNN Reveal Mueller Arsenal That Has Manafort Dreading Trial 2


As the jury in Paul Manafort’s criminal trial deliberates, much speculation abounds about the length of time in deliberations and what it may mean for the outcome. So far, it’s been exactly one day, so it’s quite premature to speculate on this.

There has also been some panic over a question the jury sent to U.S. District Court Judge T.S. Ellis III about the definition of “reasonable doubt.” Of course, there are 18 separate counts the jury must decide individually, so that particular question may not relate to all of them.

Manafort’s next trial, however, may not go even as well for him as this first trial, held in the state of Virginia, has gone (and the first trial hasn’t exactly gone well considering Manafort’s associate confessed to committing crimes with Manafort). According to court filings attained by CNN, there is close to three times more evidence against Manafort than there was in this first trial, which included hundreds of pages of incriminating information.

‘In Manafort’s Virginia trial, which began on July 31, prosecutors presented nearly 400 financial records, emails and other documents to the jury. Manafort’s team says the prosecutors have “well over” 1,000 pieces of evidence lined up for the DC federal case, set to go to trial in September. The judge in DC told the prosecutors on Thursday to “review” their evidence collection “with an eye towards streamlining the presentation of its case.”‘

His next trial, which will be held in a Washington, D.C. federal court, includes charges of “foreign lobbying and money laundering charges.” Should Manafort escape prosecution for his charges in Virginia, and it is highly unlikely that he will be found innocent on all 18 charges), his legal woes will not end there. In fact, the next trial looks infinitely worse for him.

Featured image via Flickr by Mike Licht under a Creative Commons license