DOJ Lawyers File Ridiculous Motion To Block Release Of Trump Financial Records


Last month, a federal judge denied attempts by attorneys trying to block a lawsuit accusing Trump of profiting off of foreign governments at his D.C. hotel in direct violation of the emoluments clause, stating:

‘The Court determines that Plaintiffs have convincingly argued that the term ’emolument’ in both the Foreign and Domestic Emoluments Clauses, with slight refinements that the Court will address, means any ‘profit,’ ‘gain,’ or ‘advantage’ and that accordingly they have stated claims to the effect that the President, in certain instances, has violated both the Foreign and Domestic Clauses.’

MSNBC reported:

Since then, Trump’s attorneys and the DOJ have been scrambling to squash the case and made another attempt today to do just that, claiming that “conducting discovery, including the release of the financial records on Trump and his properties, on a sitting president could trigger significant separation-of-powers concerns.”

‘Moreover, the public interest is decidedly in favor of a stay because any discovery would necessarily be a distraction to the President’s performance of his constitutional duties.’

Maryland and D.C. officials have continued to seek financial documents on Trump and his property alleging that the so-called “president” is personally benefitting from his presidency and thus harming other competing businesses.

‘After winning two major rulings in this case already, we anticipated President Trump’s most recent motion. Nonetheless, our case is still moving forward. We are on track to propose a schedule for discovery by September 14, and we hope to request relevant documents shortly thereafter.’

It’s looking more and more like the lawsuit against Trump will go forward, as this judge is not likely to change his ruling from last month. Let’s hope this case moves quickly.

Featured image via YouTube