W.H. Leak Reveals Existence Of Secret Trump Video Recordings – Donald In Total Tailspin


Omarosa Manigault Newman is giving the Trump administration exactly what they deserve. It’s been said that Donald Trump is a spy working for Russia, and now his entire administration looks like bumbling fools because of a spy that Trump brought into the fold. It’s only fitting.

Today the Associated Press reported that Omarosa doesn’t just have audio recordings of White House officials saying bad things, but she even has video, text messages, email and other documentation to back up the claims she made in her new tell-all book Unhinged.

She’s made it very clear that she’s going to continue to release bits and pieces of her secret information every time Trump or someone from his corrupt administration attack her credibility. Trump and his cronies must be crumbling in fear that she’s going to release something so damning that it will take down his whole administration. It’s been kinda funny to watch someone put them in their rightful place. Omarosa has the ability to refute so many of Trump’s lies.

She still stands by the claim she made in her book that she’s heard the tape with Trump using the N-word, and has already released a secret recording of campaign staffers discussing the fallout if the tape is ever released. If the tape of it were ever released it would strengthen Trump’s appeal with his more racist supporters, but it would turn off a whole lot more, and could end his presidency.

It’s very fitting that Omarosa is putting the screws to Donald Trump, considering he’s the one who made her famous in the first place. In reality, they’re both weasels and their words and actions prove that. They actually deserve whatever happens to both of them.

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