Avenatti Just Taunted Trump In Wild On-Camera Interview Like A Savage Beast (VIDEO)


As time marches on and the Democratic party searches for a presidential candidate who can bring the party together, Michael Avenatti, the attorney for Stephanie Clifford (Stormy Daniels), keeps dropping more and more hints he’s considering a run for the 2020 Democratic nomination for president.

Screenshot via Twitter.

While in New Hampshire, Avenatti made more jabs at Donald Trump’s questionable intelligence level. Speaking in terms of a presidential debate, Avenatti remarked bluntly:

‘There’s one thing that I can promise you. Donald Trump doesn’t want to debate me on a national stage. That’s for sure. There’s no question about that.

‘Well, because I think he’s a bully, and I think he doesn’t like people that punch back, and I think I would be incredibly effective against him. I don’t think he’s very quick on his feet. I don’t think he’s that intelligent, and I think he’d be completely outclassed.’

Avenatti is correct in some aspects.

Trump is notorious for bullying; however, what would happen if someone bullied right back? Two wrongs don’t necessarily make a right; however, the 2016 strategy of taking the high road didn’t work and left us with Trump as president.

It’s questionable, however, how Trump will react to being hit right back. He very much could hit back and hit back harder. Poking an already rabid dog suffering from late-stage dementia could be dangerous. Unfortunately, a new strategy to fight Trump in the 2020 presidential election must be formed if Democrats want to take back the White House to save America.

Furthermore, many argue that Trump was already outclassed by a fighter back in 2016 and still won.

Avenatti, however, does have a history of being a great debater. If you need proof, here’s a video of Avenatti debating Michael Cohen’s attorney on CNN.

Either way, we can’t wait to see Trump’s response to Avenatti’s comments!

Twitter users responded to Avenatti’s comments. You can check them out below!

Featured image via Twitter screenshot.Avenatti Just Taunted Trump In Wild On-Camera Interview Like A Savage Beast (VIDEO)