BREAKING: Paul Manafort Trial Jury Is In & A Verdict Has Been Announced (DETAILS)


Manafort found guilty on 8 counts.

Paul Manafort, the corrupt American man who spends all of his time helping Russia’s interests, did so in 2016 acting as Donald Trump’s campaign manager. Manafort’s corrupt ways finally caught up to him after Robert Mueller started investigating the way Russia attacked our election in 2016. Mueller’s investigation found Manafort was committing a lot of crimes.

Mueller officially charged Manafort with tax evasion, failing to file foreign bank accounts reports, bank fraud and bank fraud conspiracy, which could land him in prison for the rest of his life. His trial has been ongoing for the past couple of weeks and was put in the hands of the jury after the defense rested without calling even a single witness. The jury has now returned and announced that Manafort has been found.

The trial has seemed to unhinge Donald Trump. It’s like he knows that his alleged conspiracy is going to come out now. He’s been frantically posting more tweets than ever, and announces there was “no collusion” every single chance he gets. You know how that works…if you tell a lie enough, people will eventually believe it. But the people know that Trump is lying. He lies on average of 19 times per day now. If Trump was so innocent, like he’d have us believe, he’d be acting the exact opposite of the way he’s acting now.

Now that this trial is over Manafort will be right back in the courtroom for his second trial which will begins next month in Washington. The second trial carries charges of money laundering and failing to register as a foreign agent while lobbying for the government of Ukraine, and will be even more challenging.

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