GOP Rep. And His Wife Brought Up On Criminal Charges – 47 Page Indictment Inside


Every Republican out there would have you believe that their political party is the party of law and order. What they’re not telling you though is that they want to keep you in the dark as to which side of the law and order line they’re on. Normally they’re the party that has law and order used against them, and today was no different, because GOP representative Duncan Hunter (R-CA) and his wife were just indicted on criminal charges.

The Department of Justice announced that Hunter and his wife Margaret were charged with misusing at least $250,000 in campaign funds for personal expenses. They were accused of using campaign funds to purchase trips to Italy and Hawaii, pay for their family’s dental work, their children’s tuition and international travel for nearly a dozen relatives. Thousands were also spent on “fast food, movie tickets, golf outings, video games, coffee, groceries, home utilities, and expensive meals according to the 47 page indictment.

To cover up their alleged crimes the Hunter’s allegedly also falsified their campaign records to the Federal Election Commission. They labeled their misuse of funds as things like “campaign travel, dinner with volunteer or contributors, toy drives, teacher/parent and supporter events,” etc.

Hunter has already dropped from his position on several House committees. Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) called the┬ácharges against the three-term GOP lawmaker “deeply serious.”

It’s just another case of a GOP politician thinking they’re above the law. They take in money from unsuspecting supporters, who very often can’t afford to be donating their hard earned money, then use that money on themselves thinking no one will be the wiser…and that’s normally the case. Politics is a dirty business and people like Duncan Hunter are exactly what’s dirty about it. Hopefully, he’ll have a nice long prison sentence to think about what he’s done.

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube