Gorka Goes LIVE On C-SPAN, Gets Called A ‘Treasonous Bitch’ Within Seconds (VIDEO)


The Trump administration’s criticism of former Obama administration officials for supposedly using their political associations and access for profit is deeply ironic considering how many former Trump aides do so. No positive public relations campaign will save them from criticism, though. Sebastian Gorka, one such former aide, was faced with intense backlash against his behavior while appearing on C-SPAN.

During his Tuesday time on Washington Journal with Pedro Echevarria, an individual phoned into the show and dismissed the controversial figure and many other Trump associates as “treasonous bitches.”

They said:

‘Mr. Gorka — I really look forward to when you and Corey Lewandowski, David Bossie, Donald Jr., Jared Kushner — [when] all of you are exposed for the treasonous bitches that you are.’

Watch — and listen — below.

The angry call mirrors some other public criticism that individuals associated with the Trump team have faced through means like restaurant confrontations. In late June, for instance, protesters confronted Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen at a D.C. area Mexican restaurant, telling her:

‘If kids don’t eat in peace, you don’t eat in peace.’

The protesters were referring to the Trump administration practice of separating undocumented immigrant children from their families. Nielsen adamantly defended that policy through means like the false suggestion that criminals are posing as families en masse and trying to make it over the border.

Gorka responded to his own criticism Tuesday by saying:

‘Why is there such hatred out there? It’s just un-American. This is a duly elected president. People need to get over the fact that we have a republic and an individual who’s been chosen to be president. I worked for him, yes, I was a politically commissioned officer, but this level of hatred is not good for the health of the republic… that’s un-American.’

Does he really not see the connection between the president’s actions and the hatred that he and other individuals associated with the president have encountered? He’s either willfully ignorant or just stupid, or a mixture of both.

Donald Trump, while in office, has attacked minorities over and over again — and a number of other interests too. He rose to power claiming immigrant populations to harbor large numbers of criminals, thus asserting that the United States needs to put up a wall along the entire border with Mexico. That policy aim and others like the isolation of the country through furious tariffs encapsulate both diplomatic attacks on allies and personal attacks on any one even remotely associated with those allies.

Basically the entire story of the Trump administration is one of antagonism. He’s antagonized the U.S. justice system and those who support it to the point of dismissing it as illegitimate and siding with the despotic Vladimir Putin — and from there, the list can go on and on.

Yet, Gorka sees nothing that would predicate the hatred that he experienced via that phone call.

What’s the boundary a president has to cross before they warrant dismissal? Do they have to actually personally commit murder? Do they have to publicly burn the flag? Gorka wants the nation to fall in line, but anyone who’s paying attention can tell you large portions of it won’t.

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