The Real Reason Trump Hired Hope Hicks Revealed & It Will Turn Your Stomach: report


Donald Trump has a bevy of young women with long hair and short skirts working in the White House. There is one who has been a longtime favorite of his who was seen on the president’s plane Air Force One. No, it is not first daughter, Ivanka Trump, this time.

KING5 News re-aired a Hill.TV show, where Manigault Newman told host, Jamal Simmons, that the president only hired Hope Hicks as a top aide, because “she’s pretty.” Of course, that appeared to be a factor for the women he hires, with few exceptions. The reality star  added that this Trump aide did not even understand “get out the vote:”

‘Donald Trump hired her because she’s pretty. She didn’t know what some of the most basic acronyms in politics meant. I said to her once, “you know, we should look at GOTV operations, and come up with some talkers from it,” and she looked at me because she didn’t know what “get out the vote” meant.’

Of course, Manigault Newman, who has been called a female version of Trump, further insulted the younger women, saying that Hicks declined to give interviews because she is not politically knowledgeable.

‘She doesn’t give interviews because she’s private. She doesn’t give interviews because she doesn’t know what’s going on. She understands Trump, and she can schedule an interview … or write some notes, but that’s the extent of her political career.’

The reality show star wrote in her book, Unhinged that Hicks was afraid of public speaking:

‘(She was) painfully aware of her inadequacies and was afraid to speak publicly. She never did on camera. Hope was terrified to give statements or even entertain the idea of it. She lacked confidence because she knew she wasn’t qualified to talk about policy or the political process.’

Was this sour grapes or selling books? With people like the Donald and Manigault Newman, it can be difficult to tell.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.