Tom Arnold Reveals Cohen’s Masterfully Planned Trump Takedown On Twitter Like A Boss


On Tuesday, the news broke that Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen struck a plea deal with prosecutors. He is expected to plead guilty to a number of charges related to bank fraud and tax fraud, as well as a campaign finance violation. Now, Comedian Tom Arnold is revealing the inside scoop behind Cohen flipping on Mr. Trump.

On the Dworkin Report, Scott Dworkin interviewed Arnold Tuesday about his new Viceland TV series set to premiere on September 18 at 8:30 p.m. On the podcast, in part one of Dworkin’s three-part interview with Arnold, he told the story of how he booked a room at the Regency Hotel in New York City this past June.

Arnold and his TV crew spent a significant amount of time with Cohen around the time that he decided to flip on Mr. Trump, and he told the story of how he and Cohen were both basically “f*cking with Trump,” and how he really wanted to get him to flip.

Arnold said that he tried to explain to Brian Hiatt with Vice that he wanted to stay at The Regency Hotel because he knew Michael Cohen was staying there. Hiatt was pointing out to Arnold that he had so many coincidences with Trump when Arnold interrupted him, saying:

‘Michael Cohen is right outside right now.’

Arnold said:

‘This could be bad or this could be good, but either way we’re gonna have a conversation here…’

Arnold then proceeded to strike up a conversation with Cohen that he said went well. Brian introduced himself and told Cohen he was a journalist and Arnold asked him to snap a picture of he and Cohen. Then, Arnold tweeted the pic and immediately after Cohen re-tweeted it.

As soon Arnold got upstairs, Cohen got a tweet from NBC saying:

‘Are you going to be on Tom Arnold’s show?’

To which, he responded:

‘Call Tom.’

Then, when Arnold got to his room, he got a phone call from Cohen asking if Arnold could please call those journalists and tell him that he isn’t being paid by Vice to which he said okay.

In the interview, Arnold also tells Dworkin about how he got a call from his friend Allison who is on the show saying that her husband was with Cohen in the bar downstairs and he was drunk, and had gotten into a fight with a woman who was giving him trouble. So, then Arnold went down and made sure that Cohen and the woman’s husband got back to their rooms safely.

Arnold told Dworkin about how he had paid close attention to another journalist who is close to Michael Cohen and writes for Vanity Fair. He had gotten to know this woman well in preparation for his Vice interviews the next day. Arnold said that what Cohen ended up saying the next day was:

‘It’s not about Trump. It’s about my family and my country and I am flipping and I have tapes.’

On Tuesday, Arnold tweeted:

Arnold concluded the juicy interview by sharing about his experience giving an interview on CNN about Cohen’s flipping and how retweeting that picture of he and Cohen was a strategic move on his part.

Featured image is a screenshot via Dworkin ReportĀ