Trump In ‘Total Meltdown’ Over Giuliani’s Train-Wreck Interviews; Goes Ballistic On Rudy


Living and working with Donald Trump must be a traumatic adventure. He has been famous for his rages, where people walk around on eggshells, nursing their ulcers. Although the president enjoys pitting one person against another and creating chaos when he feels as if he has lost control of a situation, it gets really, really bad — like now.

POTUS has been hit with one thing after another. The worst of it related to his eldest son and namesake, Donald Trump, Jr. A dead giveaway of the man sitting in the Oval Office’s agitation has been his outpouring of furious tweets.

The pressure has been hurling toward Trump from a variety of directions. There was the first of two trials of his former presidential campaign manager, Paul Manafort. Waiting for the jury to come back is traditionally the most unnerving stage.

Then, his former longtime personal attorney and fixer, Michael Cohen, made a plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The special counsel has been investigating Russia’s attack upon the 2016 presidential elections and any possible conspiracy with the Trump campaign.

Another source of pressure was the news that Trump allowed White House attorney, Don McGahn, to talk to Mueller. What the commander-in-chief did not realize was that McGahn was not there to act as his defense attorney.

Instead, McGahn spent 30 hours in an interview room with Mueller’s people, because the attorney was allegedly concerned that Trump had planned to set him up to take the fall. McGahn’s job was to protect the White House and the presidency — not the president.

One Republican said that McGahn cannot stand Trump’s TV attorney and attack terrier, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani:

‘(McGahn) hates (Giuliani) with the intensity of 1,000 burning suns.’

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A friend of the Trump family told Vanity Fair that Trump’s ire may have stemmed from his concern that Mueller’s people have been scrutinizing Don Jr. It was this son who arranged a meeting with the Russians in Trump Tower to “get dirt on Hillary Clinton” during the campaign:

‘A lot of what Trump is doing is based on the fact (that) Mueller is going after Don Jr. They’re squeezing Don Jr. right now.’

Over the weekend, POTUS blamed Giuliani for the entire Mueller investigation. It seems that Trump originally offered his current TV attorney the job of attorney general, but the former mayor refused.

Instead, the president gave the job to then-senator, Jeff Sessions. Trump believed that Giuliani would have protected him against the Russian probe, whereas, Sessions recused himself.

Screen-Shot-2018-08-21-at-2.15.35-PM Trump In 'Total Meltdown' Over Giuliani's Train-Wreck Interviews; Goes Ballistic On Rudy Corruption Crime Donald Trump Mueller Politics Russia Top Stories

The commander-in-chief allegedly told his TV attorney:

‘I offered you attorney general, but you insisted on being secretary of state. None of this would be happening (if you accepted).’

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.