BREAKING: Don Jr. & Eric Trump Implicated In Cohen’s Highly Illegal Bribe Scandal


This has got to be the best week in political history. From Trump’s former campaign manager being convicted of eight federal crimes, including bank fraud and money laundering, to Trump’s former attorney taking a plea deal on eight more charges, this has been a whirlwind of criminal implications that has the president going berserk on Twitter Wednesday morning.

Now, a major bombshell has been dropped that also implicates Trump’s eldest sons in the illegal hush-money payoff of Stormy Daniels, the porn star Trump cheated on third wife Melania with shortly after she gave birth to Barron Trump.

According to a report from Business Insider:

“The Trump Organization approved $420,000 in reimbursements to Michael Cohen related to his efforts before the 2016 election to silence women who claimed to have had affairs with President Donald Trump, according to new court filings.”

And who took over the Trump Organization after the president was elected to office? His sons, Donald Jr. and Eric. The report continues:

“According to the charging document, prosecutors say Cohen approached Trump Organization executives asking to be reimbursed for “election-related” costs following the election, and that he began receiving the payments in February 2017.”

In February of 2017, Junior and Eric had already taken over the reigns of the organization, and therefore were the ones who funneled the money for Trump’s affair scandal bribe.

The Insider claims that “Giuliani said Trump’s payments to Cohen’s were made for his legal services, and Trump later said on Twitter that he paid Cohen back via a monthly retainer in order to stop “false and extortionist allegations” about an alleged affair with Daniels.”

The paperwork shows something quite different, however:

“Tuesday’s filing offers the most detailed look yet into the full scope of Trump’s payments to Cohen and how they were made.”

“Specifically, prosecutors say Cohen ‘sought reimbursement for that money by submitting invoices to the candidate’s company, which were untrue and false.'”

“‘They indicated that the reimbursement was for services rendered for the year 2017, when in fact the invoices were a sham,’ the document said.”