BREAKING: New York State Investigators Just Subpoenaed Michael Cohen As Trump Spirals


Donald Trump’s world is falling apart, piece by piece. On Tuesday, his former lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to a number of financial crimes including campaign finance law violations, a point on which he implicated the president. Now, he’s set to possibly implicate him in other crimes, according to the Associated Press.

The outlet is reporting that New York state investigators have subpoenaed him as part of their criminal investigation into the Trump Foundation. That foundation has long ceased operations, but its skeleton has been mandated to remain intact while New York authorities look into its activities. The entity’s heads — meaning, in part, the Trumps — have been accused of engaging in repeated “self-dealing,” using the charity that was kept afloat with other people’s money for their own benefit. There’s plenty of circulating evidence for the allegations.

In addition to those allegations, the Associated Press notes that possible misconduct includes the foundation having lied about its tax liability. A spokesman for Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s tax department confirmed that Cohen had, in fact, been subpoenaed.

The news comes after his attorney Lanny Davis asserted that his client had information that could be useful for both state and federal investigators; the latter category includes Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his Russia investigation.

He told CNN’s Chris Cuomo:

‘I do believe that he has information about Mr. Trump that would be of interest both in Washington as well as New York state.’

He added:

‘We’ll see whether the level of corruption alleged concerning the Trump Foundation is a topic of concern for the New York attorney general.’

He’s made it a pattern since his client’s guilty plea to question why the president has so far been let off the hook. Cohen, after all, asserted in court that he’d illegally peddled hundreds of thousands of dollars in hush money to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election at the direction of Donald Trump.

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New York’s Attorney General Barbara Underwood has already expressed formal concern over behavior involving the Trump Foundation, filing a civil suit against the Trumps just a couple of months ago because of claimed “persistently illegal conduct.”

All Underwood’s office had to say Wednesday when pressed by CNBC was:

‘We continue to evaluate the evidence to determine what additional actions may be warranted, and will seek a criminal referral from the appropriate state agency as necessary.’

They already used that statement in the past. Their suit against the Trumps came after a lengthy investigation into the Trump Foundation began under the previous New York attorney general.

The foundation was essentially incorporated into the Donald Trump presidential campaign once the 2016 election season rolled around, Underwood’s office claims. They note that even points when money was delivered to charity, campaign staff directed those deliveries to support Trump’s presidential candidacy.

In the years before that, too, the foundation was used to support the Trumps personally. Foundation money was used to settle lawsuits, promote Trump properties, and even pay off political allies like Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi (who’s still in office).

Trump has lashed out already at Underwood’s lawsuit against his foundation, but he can’t run from the law forever.

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