Full Trump/Fox News Interview Released; Shows Trump In Wild Hillary Meltdown Like A Nut


Presidential pardons are issued most often when a sentence has been deemed too lengthy or the facts of the case seem too questionable to have convicted that person in the first place. What Trump considers unfair, though, is the prosecution of anyone who was ever nice to him and hasn’t given him up for crimes in exchange for a lighter sentence.

On Thursday, Trump sat for yet another completely insane interview with Fox News’ Ainsley Earhardt to praise Manafort’s “brave” acts in not “flipping” on him, which Trump said should be illegal. Earhardt had asked him whether he was considering pardoning Manafort, which Trump refused to answer directly.

However, Trump did return to an old, tired trope that any crimes committed by him or anyone who supports him should be excused because his former political opponent, Hillary Clinton, committed imaginary crimes Trump deems worse.

These claims are made despite seven Republican-led investigations that turned up absolutely no evidence of any crime.

While it’s true that Manafort has not offered testimony against Trump to avoid a lengthy prison sentence after being convicted on eight separate felonies, it seems unlikely that he’s doing so out of any loyalty to Trump. It’s far more likely that he’s terrified of the foreign governments, and particularly the Kremlin, should he decide to implicate Trump in a crime involving collusion with Russia.

Trump is correct, however, that the Department of Justice has investigated and turned up criminal activity committed by Republicans. Trump’s first congressional supporter, Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY) was recently arrested and charged with felony insider trading. Trump’s second supporter in Congress, Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA), was recently arrested for no less than 60 counts of felony campaign violations and fraud.

Just like Trump and his own alleged crimes, the Republican Party in Congress has so far not been nearly as vocal about the crimes committed in their own party as they were about made-up crimes committed by Hillary Clinton or President Obama.

Featured image via Flickr by Victoria Pickering under a Creative Commons license