Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Gestapo Ships Imprisoned Children To Jail On 18th Birthdays


During Trump’s run for president, one of his most popular campaign promises was that he was going to build a giant, glorious wall to “protect” the entire Southern border from those pesky brown folks who like to come here. You know, so they can escape tyrannical governments and possibly make a better life for themselves and their families. How DARE they?!

And sadly, that tactic, among others, worked like a charm.

Since our racist-in-chief took office, it has become abundantly clear that he wants to not only keep everyone who isn’t white from entering this country, he wants to kick those already living here out. He’s so pathetic, that he’s blaming it on the Democrats, who are only trying to keep him from his goals of what seems to be turning the United States into Nazi Germany.

But that’s not all he’s doing. Since Trump and his base have become more and more vocal about keeping immigrants out, our border detention centers have become over-crowded. We’re seeing horrifying acts of children being ripped from the arms of their parents and put into separate facilities — some of these children are barely old enough to fend for themselves. And now, kids who are lucky enough to have been moved to smaller refugee housing are being picked up by ICE agents on their 18th birthdays.

The Hill reports:

‘Since April, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents have handcuffed and taken away at least 14 detainees on their 18th birthdays at the Homestead Temporary Shelter for Unaccompanied Children, according to the report.’

In another report by the Miami New TimesLisa Lehner, an attorney for the Americans for Immigration Justice said:

‘When they turn 18, it’s basically, ‘Happy birthday,’ and then they slap on handcuffs and take them off to adult detention centers.’

Lehner also said that this tactic by ICE officers is not only shocking but also illegal, according to precedents in place to regulate the detention of minors. In response, she and several other attorneys have filed 7 lawsuits, which resulted in the quick release of at least 5 kids who have been allowed to live with relatives or other suitable guardians while they await the courts’ rulings.

Lerner went on to say:

‘We’ve been successful in filing these petitions and getting ICE to act, but it would be much better if ICE would just stop this process in the first place. The law is crystal clear.’

In the meantime, it seems that Trump and his border officers feel they are above the law. Let’s just hope that this nightmare will end for these innocent kids, and ALL immigrants trying to seek asylum and build a better life, very soon.

Featured image via YouTube