Dan Rather Destroys Giuliani In Highly Explosive Tweet Like A Boss – Rudy Is Pissed


Something bad has happened to Rudy Giuliani. The man once known as America’s mayor has apparently sold his soul to the devil. Dan Rather, one of America’s most beloved and respected journalists, has certainly recognized Giuliani’s downfall and posted a scathing tweet about it. Rather’s tweet should have Giuliani hanging his head in shame.

Rather’s tweet said it all. Giuliani did make a great name for himself taking down the Italian mafia that ruled New York for decades. He also guided his city through the horrendous terrorist attack on 9/11. He probably could have even become president after the way he stoically guided his city back from that attack. It seemed like everyone in America knew him and loved him. Now he’s nothing but a washed-up has-been, and he appears to have gone mentally insane in his defense of Donald Trump.

Giuliani used to live his life in the pursuit of justice, now he spends his days appearing on the 24-hour news networks telling lies and attempting to explain away and cover up all of the crimes Trump has committed. His most famous client ever is an unindicted co-conspirator to several felonies, and Giuliani can’t make up lies fast enough in his attempts to hide the truth.

Considering that Trump is the head of the biggest crime family going these days, Rather is spot-on when he says that Giuliani sounds like a mob lawyer. Giuliani’s downfall is something the history books will scorch him for. In fact, it’s so bad that his crazy rantingsĀ are all he’s going to be known for for the rest of his life, and the rest of this nation’s history too. No one will remember him for the great accomplishments he’s made in life, they’ll remember him for defending this century’s Benedict Arnold.

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