New Bad Lip Reading Video Of Sarah Huckabee Sanders Press Briefing Goes Mega Viral


Sarah Huckabee Sanders press briefings are usually cut and dry, except for all the lies she tells. Now those are juicy. However, when compared to the former press secretary (Sean Spicer), they are pretty low key and boring.

However, in a hilarious YouTube video, press briefings were made great again.

In a Bad Lip Reading video, the talented bunch did a lip reading of a recent press briefing. To start it off, they showed Sanders walking to the lectern and sighing saying, “I need a drink.” We can imagine to deal with Trump she does have to drink.

She then called the reporters idiots, told them she couldn’t stand them, and they didn’t matter.

She wasn’t the only one they poked fun at, though. They also did bad lip readings for the reporters. One reporter asked why his beard itched and then revealed he had bed bugs.

She then asked the reporter, “Stank,” for his question. He proceeded to ask the next question, which was about Roswell, when she interrupted him and said, “You really thought I’d take your question? You suck.” She then told the reporter he looked like a “stuffed baked potato in that Walmart shirt.”

She also replied to one question saying, “I could not care less.”

Another reporter was referred to as “Sasquatch Steven” who asked if she’d rub his feet if he tickled hers. In response, she threatened to punch him in the esophagus.

This is not the first time the YouTube group has dubbed political videos. They also dubbed the 2016 Republican primary.

They also dubbed the debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Featured image YouTube screenshot.