Michael Avenatti Posts Touching Tribute To John McCain Like A Future President


Although John McCain was a Republican and on the extreme opposite of the political scale from Democrats, people on the left have come forward to pay tribute to the patriotic war veteran. But why wouldn’t Democrats do that? After all they’re the party of the people, and John McCain was a person. Michael Avenatti just posted a beautiful tribute to McCain on Twitter calling him war hero and a statesman.

Avenatti is quickly becoming a strong voice on the left and he exudes the respect and class that he so eloquently bestowed on McCain too. Unfortunately, the man who is the leader of the people on the right, Donald Trump, had nothing good to say about McCain instead saying that he wasn’t a war hero because he got captured. Republicans must be so very proud of Trump’s ignorance and very glad they chose him to be their leader.

Trump is the exact opposite of McCain in every way. McCain went to fight for his country when they called upon him…Trump dodged the draft. McCain always acted civil towards his fellow man…Trump belittles and disparages most people he encounters. McCain was an elder statesman…Trump is a petulant child who throws temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. McCain followed the law…Trump has broken so many that he’s looking at prison time. And lastly, McCain stood against other countries when they attacked us…Trump colluded with our number one enemy to steal the presidency. McCain was a hero…Trump is a traitor.

Trump has no business even saying the name John McCain, because when he does so he does nothing but take a crap on the man’s memory.

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