Obama Just Released A Statement About John McCain – Shows Trump How To President


Barack Obama is the epitome of class and elegance. His calm demeanor and confident manor is something that is greatly missed in this nation. Since Donald Trump was elected, Obama has mostly stayed out of the limelight, allowing for his legacy to come to a close. Very few times has he addressed the world since then, but tonight, he did just that.

Hours ago, the McCain family sent out a message saying that war hero John McCain had passed away at his home in Arizona surrounded by loved ones. Trump tweeted very shortly after, and fell short of all expectations, which were already low.

Check out his tweet below:

According to HuffPo:

“In a heartfelt tribute, former President Barack Obama praised Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) Saturday as a man who made sacrifices for the greater good. McCain was faithful to “something higher — the ideals for which generations of Americans and immigrants alike have fought, marched, and sacrificed,” Obama said.”

“For all their differences ― Obama and McCain ran against each other during the 2008 presidential election ― the former president said he and McCain both viewed their political battles as a “privilege, something noble, an opportunity to serve as stewards of those high ideals at home and to advance them around the world. Obama said few people have been tested as much as McCain was but that “all of us can aspire to the courage to put the greater good above our own.”

Now, Obama has released a real statement. A statement with substance, and one that takes longer than 2 seconds to read. Check out Obama’s remarks below via PBS:

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