Racist White Woman Pulls Hit & Run Then Goes Berserk On Middle Eastern Man (VIDEO)


Sadly, in Trump’s America, racism and hate have become the accepted nuances of the day. Mr. Trump’s rhetoric has helped to create a climate where racists can boldly proclaim their hate as if it’s just normal and treat other human beings despicably. On Friday evening, one vile woman did just that.

A white woman in Portland, Oregon, hit the parked car of a Middle Eastern man and then proceeded to threaten him like he was the one with the problem. She questions whether he was born in Portland, saying:

‘You don’t look like a Portland guy.’

The man says:

‘I don’t look like a Portland guy?’

The woman shoots back:

‘Not to me. You’re not gonna argue with me here in public.’

Racist woman just threatened a middle eastern man after hitting his parked car

BREAKING: A racist white woman just hit a parked car without stopping. When confronted by the middle eastern driver, she used racism to intimidate him and threaten to call the police. Is this making America great again?Follow Occupy Democrats for more!

Posted by Occupy Democrats on Friday, August 24, 2018

The man responds with:

‘Ok. Well you’re telling me I’m not even from this country.’

The belligerent woman says:

‘You have a huge accent. I have an American accent. I’ve been all over the world my own self. Don’t you go there with me.’

The man remains calm despite the woman’s hostile attitude, and explains that he still needs a picture of her ID. He gives her the option of showing it to him or calling the cops. The woman tells him that he can go ahead and call the cops, and the man questions again if she really wants him to do that.

The man then attempts to explain again that hitting his car and attempting to drive away is a hit and run. He says:

‘You’re denying the fact that you hit my car. You kept driving.’

The woman yells:

‘Get away from me!’

Remaining calm, the man then says:

‘Call the cops please. Let them come see. There is security footage. I’m not doing anything wrong.’

The mentally deranged woman continues to argue with the gentleman saying:

‘Some of you are terrorists!’

At this point, the man, becoming more frustrated and angrier raises his voice, saying:

‘You’re crazy! You brought my race into this. What does my race have to do with this whole situation? You hit my car period. Don’t bring race into this!’

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