Trump Tries To Color U.S. Flag With Small Kids On Camera, Accidentally Draws Russia Flag


Donald Trump is by far the derpiest president in the history of American politics, and that includes the great dunce, George W. Bush. Trump has made quite a name for himself since announcing his bid for the presidency. He went from being seen as an unbeatable real estate mogul to an illiterate, compulsive, crooked, unethical, philandering, adulterer; and that’s the short list.

The plethora of mistakes he has made in just the year and seven months he’s been in the White House have turned the entire nation into the laughing stock of the world, and today, he added to that abundance of evidence.

While in Ohio for Friday night’s state dinner, Trump decided to stop by the children’s hospital in Columbus for a quick photo-op. Donald and Melania went to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Saturday to pretend to color with a group of sick children as if it was something they would do by choice.

Just one problem. On the coloring sheets were U.S. flags.

Within seconds of the images being released, something caught the eye of Trump critics. The president’s inability to color in an American flag became abundantly clear. Even the children around him were doing a better job. Not only that, but the flag Trump colored appeared to be identical to the Russian Flag. Check it out below:

The reactions to the tweet above were the funniest part of the whole thing. Check out the amazing responses we saved for you below: