GOP’r Running For McCain’s Senate Seat Accuses Him Of Dying To Hurt Her Campaign


These days, it’s hard to choose which rabid Donald Trump supporter is the worst. From those who attack black and brown folks to yell at them to go back to wherever they came from to the screaming, happy mobs who support family separation and child detention at the border, it’s hard to imagine how any Trump voter looks at they voted in agreement with still lives with themselves every day.

Another one, and this one is frighteningly enough taking a shot at the Senate, has come to light in recent days as possibly one of the most deplorable. Candidate Kelli Ward of Arizona, who is campaigning to get Sen. John McCain’s seat in 2018, had a few choice words for the former POW and war hero as he announced the end of his struggle with brain cancer.

When a Ward staffer posted on Facebook that they wondered whether McCain’s announcement, which came just a handful of hours before his death, was timed to undermine Ward’s bus tour (yes, seriously), the Senate candidate felt obliged to chime in. She shouldn’t have.

‘I think they wanted to have a particular narrative that they hope is negative to me.’

When the disgusting comment was reported by a local news reporter, Brahm Resnik, who was rightfully incensed by Ward’s self-absorbed and cruel comment, the candidate deleted her words and blamed the media for them in a Facebook comment that since, too, been deleted.

‘The media loves a narrative. I’ve said again and again to pray for Senator McCain & his family. These decisions are terrible to have to make. I feel compassion for him and his family as they go through this. It’s not the McCains creating a narrative – it’s the media making something out of nothing. The media, the left, and the Establishment have the agenda. They’ve been attacking me over fake stories for a year on this issue. I ran against Mr. McCain. I don’t agree with his voting record and rhetoric. I pray for him as a man who is suffering.’

That’s the Trump playbook in a nutshell: say horrible, cruel, awful things and then blame the media because they report it. With the constitutional crisis, or constitutional catastrophe, in the White House, can Congress withstand another Trump flunky on Capitol Hill?

Featured image via Facebook by @KelliWardAZ