Sarah Sanders Cornered At Airport, Makes Impromptu McCain Statement That Goes Viral


As we reported earlier, The death of John McCain Saturday evening was something many did not see coming as quickly as it did. Just the day before, McCain’s camp released a statement saying that the senator had chosen to stop all treatments for his aggressive form of brain cancer. Within 24 hours, he was gone.

An outpouring of grief and condolences flooded social media outlets around the world as people spoke out in remembrance of the Vietnam war hero who was shot down and held captive as a P.O.W. for five years. The president’s reaction was the most insincere, however:

When McCain’s camp revealed to the press Friday that he had stopped all cancer treatments in order to live out the rest of his life as best as he could, the president couldn’t be bothered to send out a message of unity to the nation, or even send his simplest best wishes when the news was announced. As the hours ticked on, still nothing from the president, who just ignored the news all together.

So, when Sarah Huckabee Sanders was cornered by TMZ at the airport on Sunday, what she said instantly got under people’s skin. Sanders said this about John McCain:

“It’s a great loss for our country.”

I mean. Try harder, maybe?

The rest of the video is quite hard to hear, but Sanders is obviously uncomfortable, despite the secret service agent between the cameraman and herself. Check out the viral video below: