Trump Just Refused To Release A W.H. Statement Praising John McCain Like A Punk


The saga of Donald Trump’s pettiness is continuing. He’s the president of the United States of America and freaks out at even the slightest hint of opposition, currently nose-deep in conspiracy theories about the nation’s justice system. He’s also continuing to shun U.S. Senator John McCain, even in death, The Washington Post explains.

Prior to the Arizona Republican losing his battle with brain cancer late Saturday, he and Trump had often been at odds. The two had clashed on issues ranging from health care to foreign policy, with McCain having not that long ago intensely denounced Trump’s relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Despite these issues, one might hope that a U.S. president would put aside their differences and honor a man who spent the last decades of his life serving in the U.S. Senate. Donald Trump has not.

The Post reports that White House staffers prepared a statement honoring McCain as a “hero” and noting his service in the Vietnam War, but Trump shot it down. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Chief of Staff John Kelly were among those who pushed for the original remarks, the publication shared.

Rejecting remarks that Sanders prepared a final version of this weekend, Trump opted to simply post on Twitter:

‘My deepest sympathies and respect go out to the family of Senator John McCain. Our hearts and prayers are with you!’

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Note how in the tweet he doesn’t actually say anything about John McCain directly. The post is the only remark from the White House itself in the aftermath of McCain’s death, although an array of Trump administration officials — including even the vice president — have released their own statements honoring the late Senator. Former presidents have released statements honoring the fallen Senator as well.

In addition, political figures from around the world have offered their own praise for McCain upon his death. French President Emmanuel Macron, for instance, commented:

‘John McCain was a true American hero. He devoted his entire life to his country. His voice will be missed. Our respectful thoughts go to his beloved ones.’

macron Trump Just Refused To Release A W.H. Statement Praising John McCain Like A Punk Donald Trump Politics Top Stories

Trump has offered no such remarks.

Perhaps reflecting the opinions of others in Trump World — including in the administration — who simply refused to go on the record, former Trump legal team spokesperson Mark Corallo told The Post:

‘It’s atrocious. At a time like this, you would expect more of an American president when you’re talking about the passing of a true American hero.’

Trump’s antagonism of McCain stretches all the way back to the beginning of the 2016 election season when he denounced the Senator for having been captured in Vietnam. He told a crowd in Iowa:

‘He’s not a war hero. He’s a ‘war hero’ because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.’

McCain’s allies, though, aren’t too fazed. Friend and former aide John Weaver told The Post:

‘It certainly doesn’t bother me or the people I know close to John. I don’t think it bothers John one bit. If we heard something today or tomorrow from Trump, we know it’d mean less than a degree from Trump University.’

McCain before his death reportedly wanted former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush to deliver eulogies at his funeral — not Trump.

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