American Legion Demands Trump Re-Lower Flags With Brutal Rebuke Of McCain Disrespect


On Monday, people began to notice that the nation’s White House flags, which had been lowered to half-mast in respect for late Senator John McCain who passed away Saturday night, had been moved. McCain battled glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer, for over a year before succumbing to it this weekend. The president, who has never had a kind word to say about the former POW, released a two-sentence statement moments after the news was released.

The White House flags were lowered to half-staff following McCain’s passing, but Monday morning, less than 48 hours after lowering the flags, the president had them raised out of sheer spite for the dead war hero.

Now, The American Legion, a wartime veterans organization, has released a statement condemning Trump’s childish actions and blatant disrespect for a man who spent five years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. The statement by Denise Rohan, the national commander of the group, reads:

“On behalf of the American Legion’s two million wartime veterans, I strongly urge you to make an appropriate presidential proclamation noting Senator McCain’s death and legacy of service to our nation, and that our nation’s flag be half-staffed throughout his internment.”

The American Legion wasn’t the only veterans organization that spoke out against Trump’s petty Monday antics. AMVETS shared American legion’s sentiments with the following statement:

“It’s outrageous that the White House would mark American hero John McCain’s death with a two-sentence tweet, making no mention of his heroic and inspiring life.”

“And by lowering flags for not one second more than the bare minimum required by law, despite a long-standing tradition of lowering flags until the funeral, the White House is openly showcasing its blatant disrespect for Senator McCain’s many decades of service and sacrifice to our country as well as the service of all his fellow veterans,” the group’s executive director, Joe Chenelly said.

The group continued:

“Traditionally, the death of a sitting United States senator would be met with a presidential proclamation and flags flying at half-staff throughout the country until the funeral of the deceased. This follows national tradition, as shown after the deaths of Senators Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd.”

“But John McCain was not just a sitting senator. He was a war hero, twice a presidential contender, and a national treasure who devoted his entire adult life to protecting and improving the American way of life.”