Jimmy Carter Just Responded To Trump’s Treatment Of McCain’s Memory Like A Patriot


Jimmy Carter has been making the rounds in the media Tuesday, and what he has been saying has got to be getting under the president’s skin. Carter made statements Tuesday morning in an interview with CBS about Trump being a liar, and he’s added, in an interview with MSNBC, that the White House’s handling of John McCain’s death was completely uncalled for.

It may be the 93-year old’s age that protects him from the backlash that Donald Trump would bestow on almost every other soul on the planet. That is something we will likely never know since Jimmy Carter is simply a topic that President Trump will not comment on.

Carter is still going to continue to voice his opinions and concerns, however, and that is just something Trump is going to have to tolerate. Carter’s Tuesday statements on McCain have got the whole nation feeling guilty for allowing this atrocity to continue.

Carter said this via MSNBC:

“I think that was a very serious mistake that President Trump made and his friends and his opponents corrected him, I think, quite adequately, and now this most recent statement he’s made, I’d say is OK, it’s still not as enthusiastic as it should be.”

Carter said about the half-hearted statement squashed and then released after public backlash:

“Now that the flag has sort of been lowered during an appropriate period on behalf of John McCain to remember him, I think is very good. So I’m glad to see that it was done, although it was tardy and mistaken at first.”

The interview with Carter can be seen below via YouTube: