Trump Makes 2026 World Cup Announcement Via Twitter Video & Gets Mocked Hard


One of the more idiotic things Donald Trump has done since he absconded with the presidency was to turn our closest allies into enemies. Because of Trump’s loud mouth and bullying ways Canada and Mexico no longer like us. Today he must have been a little red in the face after he announced that the United States would be hosting the 2026 World Cup…and Canada and Mexico will be our partners in the venture.

Since Trump apparently hates all Mexicans he must be seething to know that he’ll be working closely with their leadership in the early stages of this fiasco. Even though he’ll be long gone from office by the time the first games are played, he’ll also have to get over the fact that there will be a whole of foreigners coming into the country to watch the games. He seems like the kind of guy who’ll sit and steam about something like that. He doesn’t mind white foreigners visiting here, but it drives him insane when those foreigners are brown.

In reality he probably won’t have to worry about it though, because by the time the games start he’ll probably be living in a place with a whole bunch of people of color. Considering our prisons are disproportionately filled with non-whites, and that’s where he’ll be heading before long, Trump’s gonna have a whole lot of other stuff on his mind.

FIFA has been known to be very corrupt organization, so it’s no wonder that Trump has ended up in bed with them. Corrupt birds of feather and all that. The World Cup this year was hosted by another corrupt dictator and his country…it was in Russia. Putin probably put in a good word for Donald with FIFA leadership.

Featured Image Screenshot via Twitter