Scott Walker 2018 Re-Election Chances Take Major Blow; GOP Panics


Scott Walker has done a lot of damage to the state of Wisconsin. His union busting and neoliberal fiscal policies have dropped the state down to near the bottom in a lot of categories. Now it appears that a majority of Wisconsin voters are going to make him pay for his evil choices by keeping him from being elected to his third term. A new poll released today has him trailing his Democratic challenger by 2 points.

In a Suffolk University poll conducted for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 46 percent of recipients said they would be voting for Democrat Tony Evers, and only 44 percent said that’d vote for Walker. Evers has led Walker by 5 to 13 percent in nearly every poll conducted this year. The only one he hasn’t led in was the Marquette University poll, in that one they were tied at 46 percent each.

The new Suffolk poll found that Evers is blowing Walker away among women by a margin of 56 percent to only 35 percent for Walker. Numbers like that will be extremely hard for Walker to overcome. Let’s hope for the state of Wisconsin’s sake that Walker will be out of politics after this next election. Then maybe the state can start to heal from all the damage Walker has done to it.

Walker is one of the weasels that the Koch brothers helped to get elected. Normally if something is good for the Koch brothers then it’s really bad for everyday common people. The Koch brothers would be happy if there were no more safety net for the poor, no more unions, no more health insurance, no more regulations that help the environment, and no more tax bills they have to pay. With Scott Walker they got a lot of their wishes at the expense of the working poor and the middle class.


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