Trump Suffers Abrupt & Humiliating Wednesday Lead Staffer Resignation Announcement


Donald Trump has been raging for days. Of course, he desperately wants to fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions for not protecting him from the Russia investigators. Now, another top official has announced that he will be leaving soon.

The president wanted White House counsel Don McGahn to prepare a “you’re-fired” letter and give it to Sessions. He refused, so Trump said that he would find someone who would do it.

McGahn said that he will leave either after the midterms or Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice — whichever comes first. Part of his decision to resign rested upon the flurry of subpoenas Democrats will request, should they win and start holding hearings.

McGahn has helped POTUS with his many conservative judicial choices. This has greatly increased Republican’s appreciation for Trump. Still, the man in the Oval Office has not been an easy boss. Axios said:

‘Often had to bat back unreasonable and legally problematic requests.’

The attorney has even chosen a successor. McGahn told a friend that he wanted a former Clinton and George W. Bush administration attorney, Emmet Flood, to step into the position. He would be a good choice for Trump, because he went through Clinton’s impeachment.

One of Axios’ sources in this breaking story said:

The reason he can represent both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump is because he thinks these investigators come and basically put a target on their backs, trying to overturn every aspect of their lives searching for a crime.’

Flood already works in the White House to help deal with the Robert Mueller Russia attack investigation. He is “trusted and respected” in his current position.

Not only that, he has figured out how to talk to Trump. On the other hand, Flood’s reputation as a “heavyweight lawyer” may intimidate Trump.

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Some of Trump’s supporters think that McGahn was way too open with Mueller’s people. He voluntarily talked for 30 hours. Yet, the attorney said he still wants to work on the Trump re-election campaign.

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