Trump Tweets James Comey Security Clearance Revocation Announcement Like A Maniac


Mr. Trump has been busy trying to find things to detract from the Russia investigation and especially the fact that his cronies are falling like dominoes. He sits in the White House pouting like a man-child as he gets on Twitter hoping to make himself feel better. On Tuesday evening, Trump went on another ridiculous Twitter rant.

Trump posted one tweet saying that China hacked Hillary Clinton’s private email server, and then a little over an hour later, he was on to the topic of revoking the security clearances of John Brennan and James Comey. Our so-called president may be good at one thing – lying.

Well, Mr. Trump if it is true that Hillary’s email server was hacked by China, the FBI and DOJ would definitely be on it. However, their primary focus is on making sure the man in the Oval Office goes to prison and they have about all they need on that case. Also, the fact that Trump is even cracking jokes about Russia at this point is insane.

Here’s what Twitter had to say about it:

Twitter was equally livid that Trump thinks he has the right to say anything about anyone’s security clearance when he is probably the largest security liability the country faces right now.

Regardless of what people’s opinions may be about John Brennan or James Comey, or any poll data collected, the fact remains that Mr. Trump has already been implicated in a felony and so much evidence has mounted at this point, that it is difficult to argue any differently. The president of the United States is a criminal.

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube