Ron DeSantis Goes On Live TV & Doubles Down On ‘Monkey’ Comment Like A Jerk


Ever since the day Barack Obama decided to run for the presidency, Republican racists have felt free to speak their hate-filled rhetoric out loud. It got way worse after President Obama won and continued to do so until it got to the point that Republican candidates feel free to openly say racist things. Take what Florida gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis said today about the prospects of his black opponent, Andrew Gillum, winning the governors seat. He urged Florida voters not to “monkey this up” by ruining the state’s thriving economy and electing his opponent into office.

DeSantis said the racially-charged comment on Fox New early yesterday and received immediate backlash for it. Sean Hannity had him back on a little later to question him about it.

‘Did you in any way or do you in any way think that that was something misstated or racist in any way? Because that’s what they’re implying.’

DeSantis claimed that it wasn’t a racist comment and that he didn’t think you should judge people by the color of their skin. He then proceeded to run Gillum down for being a socialist and said that socialism won’t work in Florida. DeSantis sounded just like any other Republican liar trying to deflect attention away from the things he said. If he didn’t mean for his comment to be seen as racially-charged, he would have said something like “throw us off course” or “drive us off the ledge”. No, he used “monkey this up” instead.

Every single person with even a tiny bit of common sense knows that you don’t use the words monkeys or apes when referring to black people. Those words were used for centuries to belittle or demean black people and that should never happen in these current times. Roseanne Barr just got fired from her highly rated show for doing the same thing. Hopefully, voters will dump Ron DeSantis for his racist remarks, too.

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube